Almost every bookmaker that currently exists has developed a mobile application for taking all its services into phones its tablets. If any company of this kind hasn’t done this yet, at the very least it should have an exceptionally good mobile website.

This mobile app review will evaluate the official Betway app, which is a mobile software available for Android and iOS. The main point of this article will be to discuss whether this app is as good as claimed by the company and most of its members.

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Betway app – unlimited opportunities at the palm of your hand

Probably the headline of this section will give a slight hint of what is our overall impression of the software. However, it is important to go step by step and explain what we liked and what we don’t liked about it.

Obviously every application for phones and tablets has a main screen. Considering how important for humans first impressions can be, it is impossible to have a good software if the first impression that it gives is a bad one.

In this regard after making a Betway app download and opening it for the first time, it is fair to say that its main screen is impressive. Too impressive perhaps. The first thing that will be visible is the mobile sports betting area, which, of course, is the core of the Betway business.

Going into specifics, the main screen of the Betway apk displays relevant live events taking place at the moment when the software is being used. With a single tap in a match that catches our attention the live betting options will be present.

These live features are in constant growth, as they are constantly being implemented into more disciplines. When accessing a specific event, it is also possible to visualize real time statistics and live streamings in case they are available.

The “too impressive” part mentioned a few lines back means that while the amount of live events is great, it is not difficult to become a bit lost in the sea of information that floods the screen. However, this doesn’t affect the overall functionality of this part of the mobile app.

If an user is not interested in live events at the moment, in the header of the main screen of the Betway sports app it is possible to find the other sections of the bookmaker, such as the casino and poker ones, and also the lists of other disciplines and their respective matches where is possible to place pre match wagers. If a more direct route to a certain event is needed, then it is possible to drag open the menu of the right hand side, which among other functions includes a search feature.

The more than 30 sports covered by Betway can be accessed and gambled on through the mobile software. The interface for doing that is really easy to use, making the probability of tapping the wrong part of the screen almost zero.

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Casino Betway app – equally impressive but smaller in scope

The Betway casino app can be obtained separately from the sports betting one. However there is no problem in having both installed at the same time. In fact, this is encouraged by the company.

The arrangement of its main screen is similar to the sports section one. However, with less information overall, making it more pleasant to the eye. The games being visited by most users at the moment of the use of this Betway app UK are displayed firsts. If the user wants something different, the header of this screen will show all categories of games available. And in a similar way to the sports area, there is a search function available in the right side menu, where it is possible to find a specific game.

Going into specifics here, there are literally hundreds of games available. Every game usable from the main website can also be used from the Betway apk. If the graphics and functionality of these entertainments was already great from the desktop website, in the mobile case probably they are even greater, as the interface has been properly adapted for its use through a touchscreen.

Frequent players of this part of Betway can be rewarded with bonus codes that can appear in the screen at random moments. Here is when a downside of the app appears. Specifically, when tapping the screen for obtaining a certain Betway bonus, the default mobile browser is automatically opened.

This can be a problem if the phone or tablet being used is a low or medium range one, as some of them tend to struggle when switching between applications. If this issue is tackled at some moment, by allowing users to redeem bonuses directly from the Betway apk, then the software will be unstoppable.

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Betway mobile app and its system requirements

The Betway mobile application can be downloaded for free into gadgets operating with iOS and Android. Another positive note about this software is that it is not demanding, and therefore, most of the devices that people are using during 2021 should be capable of executing it properly.

If you want to Betway app download into your tablet or mobile phone, but you are not sure if it is capable of handling it, here is a table that summarizes the system requirements. It is important to mention that there is no specific Betway app for Windows phone gadgets. However, these users can always visit the mobile website, which works in the exact same way as the software.

Operating systemiOSAndroid
Minimum version required8.14.1
Compatible devicesiPad in its Mini, Pro and Standard versionsSamsung Galaxy: S5, S6, S7, S8, S9 and S10, including their respective plus versions
iPhone: 5, 6, 7, 8, 8+, X, XS, XS Max, XR and more recentHuawei: P10, P20 and P30. In their Lite, Pro and Standard versions
LG: All V models. Also the G4, G5, G6, G7, G8 and G9 are compatible
Sony: Xperia X, Xperia X Compact, Xperia XA, Xperia XZ or Xperia E5
CommentsIs possible to download app in devices with Android 4.0, but the live features will not work

If your device is not listed in the previous table, it doesn’t mean that the software will not work in it, as this is only a partial list. In general, if you have any device with iOS 8.1 or newer, or Android 4.1 or newer, it should be capable of running the app. The same applies for newer models of any of the families listed here.

The installation of the software in iPhone and iPad devices is extremely simple. It is only necessary to visit the AppStore and download the desired application for free. This also ensures that the software will always be automatically updated.

Android users need to follow a few extra steps, as the application can not be grabbed from the Google Play Store. Instead, it is necessary to download the apk from free from the Betway website. Here the necessary actions that need to be done to Betway app download in Android devices:

  1. Visit Betway through a mobile web browser
  2. Scroll down to the bottom part of the page
  3. Tap over the application download area
  4. Choose the desired application and tap it to begin the download
  5. Open the apk file that was downloaded and follow the instructions shown on screen

After these simple actions have been made the application should be ready to its immediate use. However, it is important to consider that the majority of Android devices block by default the installation of applications coming from places different than official stores. For that reason, if the Betway app UK does not load correctly or doesn’t open at all, then it is necessary to change a setting in the security menu of the phone or tablet.

Specifically, it is necessary to find the application security configuration. This must be done by going to the menu of the device, which usually opens by tapping over a gear icon, and from there head on to the security menu, and turn on the option which allows the installation of apps coming from unknown sources. This should ensure that the Betway mobile application will finally be installed and ready to work.

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Betway app UK: how to pay and withdraw money

People who use the Betway Android app UK or its iOS counterpart can access a wide variety of payment methods that allow depositing and withdrawing money. These are exactly the same that are available for the PC version.

In order to avoid potential but unlikely security issues, it is essential to always download the latest version of the Betway application. If you are not sure, visit the AppStore if using it from an iPhone or an iPad and check if there are updates available, or in the Android case, visit the official website by using a mobile web browser. The most recent iteration of the application will always be available in the same place where it was obtained during the initial setup.

Assuming that you have the newest version of the software, then it should be mentioned that some of the payment methods accepted by Betway include the most usual ones such as Maestro debit cards, MasterCard and VISA credit cards, and bank transfers from most banking institutions present in the UK.

However, other options are available too for Betway app users. They are mostly online payment services and e-wallet companies. Some of them include PayPal, Neteller, ecoPayz, Skrill, Paysafecard, among others. All of them allow deposits, and a majority allows withdrawals.

Similarly to the Betway website, the minimum amount for any transaction must be of £10, and most of them have maximum amounts of tens of thousands of pounds, both for deposits and withdrawals.

Finally, UK laws are very strict in investigating and prosecuting fraudulent schemes and economic crimes, for that reason it is necessary to validate the identity of any Betway member who attempts to withdraw funds from his or her account, regardless of the payment method being used. Following the same reasoning, withdrawals are withheld for an average time of 72 hours, as all these transactions are scrutinized for suspicious behaviour.

On the other hand, deposits are instant, also regardless of which mean is being used to add money to the account’s balance. In general, not only paying and withdrawing, but also gambling, playing and winning, can be done through the reviewed software in the exact same way as from its PC counterpart.

This means that the Betway app fulfills its primary purpose in an excellent way, which is to allow users to use every single service from the comfort of a mobile device.Get Super Bonus

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