What can be said about Betway UK during 2021?

From hate to love. Those simple four words are able to describe how Betway has been doing during its 14 year old history. Probably a few readers of this article will remember how this online sports betting company was incurring in bad practices during its first years, and how this lead to very low ratings and bans from prestigious listing sites.

However, since a few years the company decided to change completely. It replaced all its executive board twice. This means that everything that currently remains of the old Betway is the name, as everything has been rebuilt. Let’s see if the reputation followed the same fate.

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How Betway bookies managed to improve so significantly?

As previously said, the managers of the company were sacked not once, but twice. This of course is not just a change in personnel, but a change in how the company as a whole worked.

More markets and games were implemented, the website was completely remade, and some very functional mobile sports betting applications were developed. However this was not enough, because the company also incurred in an aggressive advertising campaign to rebuild its reputation.

This was done through sponsorship deals signed with some famous competitions, sport teams and athletes. Also UK sport fans can be seen the company a lot during TV advertisements shown during sport events with large crowds. Some of the teams and people who endorse Betway sports include:

  • West Ham United Football Club
  • The Chester Cup
  • Premier League Darts
  • Simon Hughes (cricket player)
  • Richard Johnson (Hockey player)

Betway has worked hard for being recognized and licensed by some countries where it operates. This has resulted in some good results for Betway betting, as territories such as Malta and the UK itself have given official licenses to the company.

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How Betway sports looks currently?

Like with many other companies of this type, the sports gambling area is the core of Betway bookmakers. After their major reform, currently the company is offering one of the largest sports catalogue among all sportbooks.

Probably 99% of the people who follow any sport will like what the betting section of the company is offering, as more than 30 disciplines are able for placing wagers, and therefore, the opportunities for winning are countless.

Betway betting claims that more than 10 thousand sports events are available at any given time for making pre match bets, while several dozens can be accessed for live betting. Some of the disciplines covered here include football (or soccer if you are reading this from the United States, Canada or Australia), horse racing, motor sports, basketball and more.

People with different tastes can have their own opportunities in this website too, as other sports that are available for placing both types of bets include bandy, Australian football, gaelic sports, and others.

One area where Betway betting could be considered a pioneer are eSports, as this discipline has exploded in popularity during recent years. This bookmaker was the first to open an exclusive section dedicated to this new form of entertainment, where is possible to gamble in pre match and live modes, and also watch live games, and currently some of the videogames where is possible to wager are Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, Dota 2, League of Legends and many others. The amount of available games is in constant growth.

In general fans of any sport are encouraged to visit Betway UK, as it is almost impossible that a discipline followed by a particular person will not appear in this platform. Not only this, because live streamings can be watched too even if no wagers are being placed. This last feature is a great supplement to the live gambling options, which is also supported by some very detailed real time statistics.

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Betway UK and its special welcome bonus offered to new members

As another component of this campaign for repairing its image and growing as a whole, Betway bookmakers is offering a fantastic deal for readers of this sports review who decide to sign up at the company.

This welcome offer provides up to Β£110 in free bet opportunities, which can be used exclusively for gambling in the sports section of Betway UK. Some other details of this Betway promotion are explained in the following table:

Bonus for new Betway membersRelevant details
Who can claim it?New members only
When it can be obtained?When signing up at Betway
How much this bonus is worth?A maximum of Β£110
What do I need to do to obtain this benefit?Create an account in Betway, and make a deposit for Β£10 within 7 days from the registration
How this bonus can help me?It will reward the player with a bonus equivalent to the amount added during the first deposit, with a limit of Β£110
Where this bonus can be used?Only in Betway sports in wagers with odds of 1.75 (3/4) or more

The amount of this Betway bonus, and its relatively low prerequisites make it a fantastic deal for everybody reading this Betway reviews who don’t have an account in the bookmaker yet. We really recommend to not waste this chance.

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The online casino and other information of Betway bookmakers

The casino is a place where important action also takes place. Perhaps its favorite game among Betway users is Poker. Several types of this form of entertainment are available. The best part of all is that there are no AI players, which of course can bring reasonable doubts regarding the transparency of the service.

Instead, only human Betway players participate in these games, making Betway UK one of the preferred destinations to play online poker among players from this country. This is a real fact, because when measuring internet traffic, this bookmaker is among the top 10 preferred places to enjoy this form of entertainment.

The company intends that people feel as close of being in a real casino as possible. For that reason other games are available too. Among the favorites is possible to find baccarat, blackjack, roulette. All of them come in dozens of variants, which is something that some readers of this Betway reviews would be interested in trying out.

A classic game that is impossible to avoid mentioning are slots. There are more than 400 types of it, and they include classic, licensed and more modern variants. Some of them can provide earning multipliers and free plays, which in general can greatly improve the odds of winning.

Every game and form of entertainment offered by this betting company has been developed by companies with years of experience in web development. Thanks to this, most current members of Betway give mostly positive comments, feedback and reviews concerning their experience. The most praised aspects include the functionality and graphics, which also allows to make use of this services from lower end mobile devices and computers.

Going back to the company itself, many people have asked who owns Betway bookmakers. The parent company behind this sportsbook is called the Betway Group, which started this company back in 2006, and also owns other gambling and online gaming portals. So it is possible to say that they have a lot of experience in this market.

This review of the Betway bookmaker intended to give a first glance of what new members could expect, and also some features that existing members may not know yet. The history of the company has been turbulent. However, it must be recognized that they are putting a lot of effort in repairing the damage. Still, it is understandable if some people who maybe had a bad experience in the past, or know someone who did, would decide to not give it another try.

The information regarding the company itself is something that not many people are curious about. However, it is always a healthy practice to know a bit more about who you are trusting your money to.

The Betway info that matters now is that the bookmaker has built a truly impressive platform for fans of online games and sport followers alike. They also were ahead of the time a few years back when they decided to create the section dedicated to eSports, which is followed by mostly younger people for now, and it is expected to continue growing as time goes by.

The Betway app deserve to be mentioned as well, which is probably one of the most positive aspects of the company. Thanks to this aspect, the Betway UK experience can be taken anywhere and used at any time.Get Super Bonus

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